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Depending on the natural ability of the dog, we may also be able to provide the dog with additional training to achieve the training level of your preference.

You can also see a listing of some of our recently sold protection dogs.

Guardian Plus

  • Leba
    Guardian Plus

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog – SOLD

    Leba is a dark colored female Malinois. She has a sweet and loving personality and loves to play. She is social and loves people and children alike. People fall in love with her from the first time they see her. She is very affectionate and in tune with her handler. She is easy to handle by anyone in the family. In protection, she is fast and has a strong bite. She is quick to respond in protection and quickly switches from sweet to ferocious. 

  • Kyra
    Guardian Plus

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog – $42,000

    Kyra is a female Belgian Malinois that is sure to impress. She has good energy and executes everything she does with speed. She is very impressive with her obedience and protection commands as she is quick and performs them with ease. She is good with children and other dogs. She packs a lot of power and has incredible intensity for a female in protection. She is very vocal in protection and has great speed and agility. Kyra is always eager to please and ready to work.


  • Nero
    Guardian Plus

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $45,000

    Nero is a black male German Shepherd who is always looking to please his handler. He travels well in new environments and enjoys all types of activities. He is easy to handle and affectionate. He loves to play and enjoys walks. He is good with children, people, and other dogs. In protection, he has a crushing bite and good tenacity. He also possesses good guarding ability in the house and car. Nero would make a great addition to a family with kids and/or other dogs.

  • Tabasco
    Guardian Plus

    German Shepherd Protection Dog SOLD

    Tabasco is a handsome black German Shepherd male. He is the best of both worlds in terms of his temperament and protection capabilities. He is social with people, easy to handle, and great with children. He is also good around other dogs. He leaves a lasting impression with everyone he meets between his sweet nature and gentleness. In protection he brings meaning to the name “Tabasco”  with his tenacity and bark. Tabasco would make a great addition to anyone looking for top level protection.

  • Dena
    Guardian Plus

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $45,000

    Dena is a one of a kind beautiful black sable female German Shepherd. She has a great personality and is a bundle of joy to have. She loves to play fetch and go for walks or rides in the car. She is social with people and loves children. She loves to meet other dogs and play with other dogs. In obedience, she is motivated and loves to please her handler. In protection, she has great speed, power, and a deep bark. She shows great tenacity and turns on quickly.  Dena would make an exceptional addition to a family with other dogs and/or children.

  • Ella
    Guardian Plus

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $37,000

    Ella is a beautiful sable female German Shepherd. She is commonly mistaken for a male due to her large frame and good sized head. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is out and comes from exceptional lineage. She has been raised with small children and loves kids. She is social with other dogs and animals as well. Ella’s eagerness to please and high motivation makes handling her a breeze. Ella is very vocal in protection and has a deep, intimidating bark. Ella would make an excellent addition to a family with children and other pets.


  • Zelda

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog – SOLD

    Zelda is a strikingly dark colored female Belgian Malinois with a sweet personality. Zelda loves people, playing fetch, and working. She is exceptionally fast in all that she does and flies over anything in her way. She is always happy and upbeat and brings a smile to your face. She is exceptionally fast in both obedience and protection. She is very vocal in protection and flies over obstacles with ease. She would make a good addition to an active family with kids or dogs. Zelda can pair well with Nitro for those looking for a team of protection dogs. Zelda can also complete the Guardian plus program. Be prepared to be stopped for comments on her appearance!

  • Haro

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $28,500

    Haro is a substantial sable colored male with a strong presence. He is easy to handle and calm in every day life. He loves to play fetch. He has a deep bark. One of his favorite exercises is barking on command, where he puts his all in to making himself heard with his deep powerful bark. He is social with people and travels well. When it comes to protection his frightening bark and devastating bite make him a great protector. Haro is also capable of completing our Guardian Plus program.

  • Pia

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $29,000

    Pia is a sable colored female German Shepherd. Pia is easy to handle and good around young kids. She is social with people and gets along great with other dogs. She loves to meet new dogs and play.  She is great in the house and has good manners everywhere she goes. In obedience she is upbeat and focused on her handler, keeping an eye on them to wait for whats next. While she has a sweet nature, she turns on instantly when its time to protect. Pia would make a great family companion and protector or addition to a family with another dog.

  • Blaze

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog $30,000

    Blaze is a large male Belgian Malinois who offers the best of both worlds. In everyday life, he is calm and well mannered. He is easy to handle and does well with children. He is laid back for a Malinois in everyday life. In protection, he comes to life with intensity and power. His combination of calmness in everyday life and protection skills make him the ideal companion for a family.

  • Indra

    German Shepherd Protection Dog – SOLD

    Indra is a female German Shepherd with exceptional working ability that rivals the ability of most high caliber males. She travels easily to new environments and has good social behavior. She is good with people, kids and other dogs. Indra will be a wonderful addition for anyone looking to add a one of a kind companion and protector. Indra is also capable of completing our Guardian Plus Program.

  • Mila

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog $27,000

    Mila is a talented female Belgian Malinois who excels at everything she learns. In everyday life, Mila is always ready to perform and eager to work. Mila loves to play and has the drive to do anything you want to teach her. In obedience, Mila is quick to respond and very flashy due to the speed and precision with which she executes her commands. She is good with kids and easy to handle. Mila has an array of titles in working, herding and show as well as in-depth health testing. In addition to making an exceptional protector, she also has high breeding value and would excel at many different sports due to her speed and athleticism. Mila is available at a discounted price due to some marks on her face.

  • Draco

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $28,500

    Draco is a dark sable, male German Shepherd. Draco’s affectionate and laid back personality will surely still your heart. He’s very social with people, children, and other dogs. Don’t be fooled by his calm demeanor; he’s quick in protection and will always be ready to go when needed. Draco is easy to handle in protection and would be great for even the most novice handler.