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Guardian Plus

  • Ito
    Guardian Plus

    German Shepherd Protection Dog$48,000

    Ito is a sable, male German Shepherd. Ito has a very strong presence and leaves a lasting impression with everyone that meets him. He gets many compliments while he is out due to his intense look and nice build. While he may come off as unapproachable to those who do not know him, he is sweet and loving with his family. He is a fun dog to work with and he learns quickly. He is always eager to please his handler and awaits your every command. In protection, he has a lot of tenacity and drive. He is fast, powerful and has a crushing grip. Ito is an excellent choice for those looking for an enjoyable companion and the highest level of protection from a dog.

  • Zena
    Guardian Plus

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog$45,000

    Zena is a female Malinois with a wonderful personality. Zena is social with people, children and other dogs she meets along the way. She is very in-tune with her handler, and eager to please, making her a delight to work with and easy to handle. In obedience she is flawless and responds quickly to every given command and executes them quickly. She is fast and agile in her protection work and responds immediately when called upon. Zena will be a great addition to a household!

  • Freya
    Guardian Plus

    German Shepherd Protection Dog$40,000

    Freya is a bi-color female German Shepherd. Freya has exceptional working ability and rivals the ability of most high caliber males. She travels easily to new environments and has good social behavior. She is good with kids and other dogs, as well as different types of pets. Freya will be a wonderful addition for anyone looking to add a one of a kind companion and protector.

  • Falk
    Guardian Plus

    German Shepherd Protection Dog$45,000

    Falk is an exceptional male German Shepherd. Falk is attentive to his handler and is eager to please. He is an exceptionally powerful dog and has great intensity in protection. Falk loves to work and play and will make a great companion for someone looking for a hard working companion and high level of protection.


  • Hugo

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog$25,000

    Hugo has a large blocky head and a solid body. He is very affectionate, loves his belly rubbed and enjoys meeting new people. Hugo loves to work and play, yet is very calm in everyday life. Hugo will also be capable of our Guardian and Guardian Plus Program.

  • Lara

    German Shepherd Protection Dog$28,500

    Lara is a sable female German Shepherd with a sweet disposition. Lara is great with kids and good meeting people. She does well in the house and easily transitions form working dog to well mannered in-home companion. In protection Lara shows good tenacity, speed, and power. She is easy to handle and very eager to please, she takes her commands seriously and performs with perfection.


  • Bern

    German Shepherd Protection Dog$18,500

    Bern is a young long coated black and tan male German Shepherd. He is sweet and calm in every day life. He is easy to handle and loves children. In protection he is quick to respond and has a hard grip. Bern will make an excellent addition and family companion for someone who prefers the look of a black and tan colored Shepherd but with the capability of protecting when called upon.

  • Fenja

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog$18,500

    Fenja is a female Belgian Malinois with a sweet and affectionate personality. Fenja loves to play both with people and dogs. She is easy to handle both in obedience and protection and responds quickly to her commands.


  • Athena

    Belgian Malinois Protection DogCall for More Info

    Athena is a female Belgian Malinois who has completed our off-leash obedience training. She also has had basic bite work training. Athena is very loving and bonds well with her handler.