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All of the dogs listed on our website are here at our facility. We do not sell dogs that we have not personally evaluated or dogs that are still in Europe. If you are interested in buying a protection dog with different characteristics than you see here, or with a different level of training, please contact us as we may have additional dogs available that are not yet listed here, and dogs are sometimes sold before they are posted to the website. Depending on the natural ability of the dog, we may also be able to provide the dog of your choice with additional training to achieve the training level of your preference.

You can also see a listing of some of our recently sold protection dogs.

Guardian Plus

  • Mila
    Guardian Plus

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog SOLD

    Mila is a very talented female Belgian Malinois who excels at everything she learns. She is essentially the “wonder woman” of female Malinois. In everyday life, Mila is always ready to perform and eager to work and show off. Mila loves to play and train and picks up everything she is taught quickly. In obedience, Mila is quick to respond and very flashy due to the speed and precision with which she executes her commands. She has picked up many tricks and is always looking to learn more. She is good with kids, people, and other dogs. She loves to travel, play, and go for walks. She is calm and well mannered in the house and is the ultimate family companion. Mila also has an array of working, herding, and show titles. She is easy to handle yet extreme in protection. She has a great temperament and the only thing we wish Mila had was a clone! While with us Mila has served as our “demo dog” and regularly assists us in showing off. In addition to making an exceptional family protector, she also has high breeding value and would excel in many different sports and activities due to her speed and athleticism.

    See Mila in action!


  • Dena
    Guardian Plus

    German Shepherd Protection Dog SOLD

    Dena is a beautiful black sable female German Shepherd. She has a great personality and is a real bundle of joy to work with. She loves to play fetch, swim, and go for walks or rides in the car. She is social with people and loves children. She loves to meet other dogs and play with other dogs. In obedience, she is motivated and loves to please her handler. In protection, she has great speed and power, and a crushing bite and deep bark. She shows great tenacity when called upon and turns on quickly. Dena would make an exceptional addition to a family with other dogs and/or children.

    See Dena in action!


  • Kar
    Guardian Plus

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $45,000

    Kar is a stunning black and red male German Shepherd who is not only beautiful but has also earned the VA title. Kar was bred by one of the top producing kennels in Europe and has been used as a stud dog. Prepare to be the center of attention with Kar by your side, as he is always receiving comments on his striking appearance. He has a beautiful black mask and strong pigment, with a large frame making him a real eye catcher. He is good with children and people, and easy to handle in every day life.


  • Pia

    German Shepherd Protection Dog SOLD

    Pia is a light sable colored medium sized female German Shepherd. Pia is easy to handle and gentle around young kids. She is social with people and gets along great with other dogs. She loves to meet new dogs and play, go for walks, play fetch, or swim. She is great in the house and has good manners everywhere she goes. In obedience she is upbeat and focused on her handler, keeping an eye on them to wait for whats next. While she has a sweet nature, she turns on instantly when its time to protect. Pia would make a great family companion and protector or addition to a family with another dog.

  • Argo

    German Shepherd Protection Dog – SOLD

    Argo is a large black German Shepherd male out of a top producing stud dog and world championship, competitor. He has been raised with a trainer since he was a puppy and has all of the qualities we look for in one of our family protection dogs. He has been raised with children and other dogs and has a sweet and social personality. He has good drive and intensity and will only get better with time; for this reason, Argo is available now at our Guardian level, but can also advance to our Guardian Plus Program.

  • Charger

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $30,000

    Charger is a black sable German Shepherd male bred and raised exclusively by us. Charger has had foundation with us since he was just weeks old, and has been in training with us all along. He has been well socialized with children, and handled by a 9-year-old boy. He is easy to handle and laid back. If you are looking for a more low key dog that just likes to enjoy his time with you, Charger will make an exceptional family companion and protector.

  • Xita

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $32,000

    Xita is a beautiful black sable German Shepherd female bred and raised exclusively by us. Xita has had foundation with us since she was just weeks old, and has been in training with us all along. She is social, has good energy, and loves to play. She has been socialized with kids and loves to roll over for a belly rub.

  • Lani

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $29,000

    Lani is a sable German Shepherd female bred by us and raised by one of our trainers. Lani has grown up with another large male dog (Belgian Malinois) and small male dog (chihuahua) in the home. Lani is easy going and loves to play fetch or just hang out with her kong.

  • Dargo

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $33,000

    Dargo is an exceptionally large sable male German Shepherd. He loves to meet people and easily travels from one place to the next. He gets along with small and large dogs and has been raised with dogs, cats, and birds. He loves to play fetch and go for walks and is always up for anything. In protection, he is always ready to defend. Dargo would make an exceptional family companion and can also complete our Guardian Plus program as well.

  • Taz

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $29,500

    Taz is a handsome black sable male German Shepherd with a sweet personality. Taz forms a deep bond with his handler and is always eager to please. He is laid back and easy going. He enjoys going for walks and spending time with his family. In protection he has natural ability and a deep willingness to defend those he cares for.

  • Alk

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog $28,000

    Alk is a male Belgian Malinois with loads of character. He is social with people and has been raised with kids. He loves to play and is always eager to work. Alk has good speed and loves to run and chase the ball. He is affectionate with his family but serious when it comes time to protect.


  • Arien

    German Shepherd Protection Dog SOLD

    Arien is a large dark Belgian Malinois Male. He is very affectionate with his handlers and loves to play ball. He is calm in the house and loves to be by your side. He learns new things quickly and is strong in protection. With additional training Arien can easily advance to our higher levels of training as he matures.

  • Iron

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $19,500

    Iron is a lovely black and tan colored male German Shepherd who has been well socialized with people. He is the best of both worlds; calm and social when not working, yet great drive and a strong bite in protection. He is exceptional for his age and easily capable of Guardian and Guardian Plus training as well.

  • Edo

    German Shepherd Protection Dog SOLD

    Edo is a sable colored German Shepherd male with a great disposition. Edo has been raised in a family and loves everyone he meets. Edo is calm, great with kids and with other dogs. Edo would make a great addition to a family with children or a companion for a woman.

  • Xara

    German Shepherd Protection Dog $16,500

    Xara is a sable German Shepherd female bred and raised by us. Xara has had foundation with us since she was just weeks old, and has been in training with us all along. She has been well socialized with people and children.

Imports/Young Dogs/Companions

  • Anita

    Formentino Cane Corso $9,500

    Anita is an athletic Formentino Cane Corso female. At just over a year old, she is energetic with a gentle demeanor. You’ll always find her with a toy in her mouth as she loves the game of fetch. Anita was raise with small children and other dogs. She has a strong presence and is territorial in the house. She is very affectionate and always eager to meet new people, greeting them with confidence and quickly rolling over for belly rubs. She is an eye-catcher, drawing attention anywhere she goes with her exceptional obedience and lavish coloring, making her a joy to travel with on any family adventure. She is well mannered, easy to handle and would make the perfect addition to any household.

    *Price reflects pick up at our facility. In-home delivery available for an additional cost.

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