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If you are interested in buying a protection dog with different characteristics that you see here, or with a different level of training, please contact us as we have additional dogs available that are not listed here, and dogs are sometimes sold before they are posted to the website. If we do not have the right dog in our inventory, we can have dogs custom imported and trained to your specifications.

Depending on the natural ability of the dog, we may also be able to provide the dog with additional training to achieve the training level of your preference.

You can also see a listing of some of our recently sold protection dogs.

Guardian Plus

  • Leba
    Guardian Plus

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog$42,000

    Leba is a dark colored female Malinois. She has a sweet and loving personality and loves to play. She is social and loves people and children alike. People fall in love with her from the first time they see her. She is very affectionate and in tune with her handler. She is easy to handle by anyone in the family. In protection, she is fast and has a strong bite. She is quick to respond in protection and quickly switches from sweet to ferocious. 

  • Hugo
    Guardian Plus

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog – Call for pricing

    Hugo is a male Belgian Malinois with a big head and muscular body. Hugo is big-hearted and loves to meet people. He is good with kids and loves to play and have his belly rubbed.  As affectionate and sweet as he may be; he also has a serious side. In protection he turns on quickly and is always ready. He is also excellent at protecting an area.

  • Boss
    Guardian Plus

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog – SOLD

    Boss is a stunning black sable Belgian Malinois. Boss is calm and laid back in every day life. He looks serious and means business. Boss turns on quickly and will protect instantly; he is intense, has a strong bark and good bite.

  • Nitro
    Guardian Plus

    Belgian Malinois Protection DogContact us for pricing

    Nitro is a dark colored male Belgian Malinois with an outstanding personality. Nitro likes to meet other dogs big or small. Nitro is good with children and social with people and would make a good addition to a family. In everyday life Nitro likes to play with kids and his favorite game is fetch. He also loves to go for walks and would be great for someone who likes to walk, run, hike or travel. He is obedient and loves to please his handler. In protection, his speed and tenacity can turn situations around quickly and he’s ready to back all of that up with his hard bite.

  • Flora
    Guardian Plus

    German Shepherd Protection Dog – $45,000

    Flora is a one of a kind sable female german shepherd. She has exceptional protection ability for a female and is a rare find. She exceeds and excels in everything she does. In addition to her flawless on and off leash obedience, she knows a variety of tricks to keep everyone entertained. She is trained in obedience and protection to work with other dogs and can be part of a team. She would pair great with Enzo or Ciro for anyone looking for a team or multiple personal protection dogs.


  • Vaiko

    German Shepherd Protection Dog$33,000

    Vaiko is a handsome black and tan colored male German Shepherd with a sweet personality. In every day life Vaiko is calm, well mannered, and social. He loves children and is gentle with them and is also good with other dogs. He loves to go for walks or just hang out by your side. He has great ability in protection and will have anyone thinking twice about their bad intentions! Vaiko would make an exceptional family companion. 

  • Ciro

    German Shepherd Protection Dog – SOLD

    Ciro is a sable male German Shepherd who is outgoing and loves to meet new people. He adores children and has a fun loving personality. He is good with other dogs both big and small. He loves to go for walks, play, and work. In protection he is powerful and intense with a strong bite and good tenacity. Ciro leaves a lasting impression with everyone he meets. Ciro is also capable of completing our Guardian Plus Program.

  • Zelda

    Belgian Malinois Protection Dog – $28,500

    Zelda is a strikingly dark colored female Belgian Malinois with a sweet personality. Zelda loves people, playing fetch, and working. She is exceptionally fast in all that she does and flies over anything in her way. She is always happy and upbeat and brings a smile to your face. She is exceptionally fast in both obedience and protection. She is very vocal in protection and flies over obstacles with ease. She would make a good addition to an active family with kids or dogs. Zelda can pair well with Nitro for those looking for a team of protection dogs. Zelda can also complete the Guardian plus program. Be prepared to be stopped for comments on her appearance!


  • Gordon

    German Shepherd Protection Dog – SOLD

    Gordon is a handsome black and tan German Shepherd who is a year and a half old. He is social with people and children, and has good temperament. He is easy to handle and calm and laid back in the house. He loves to play or go for walks. He will make an excellent family companion for those looking to add a low key dog to their family.


  • Ulrike

    German Shepherd $5,000

    Ulrike is an older female sable German Shepherd. She is excellent with children with high ball drive. She would make an excellent dog for guarding an area and has exceptional tenacity, bite and bark in protection. She has basic on leash obedience and can go outdoors to the bathroom off leash. She is ED and HD free, and has a range of titles.