Yes, we have trustworthy protection-trained dogs for sale.

But here's the PLUS: our dogs are ready to be loving companions, too.
Choose from our current listing of protection dogs for sale below.

If you are interested in buying a protection dog with different characteristics that you see here, or with a different level of training, please contact us as we have additional dogs available that are not listed here, and dogs are sometimes sold before they are posted to the website. If we do not have the right dog in our inventory, we can have dogs custom imported and trained to your specifications.

Depending on the natural ability of the dog, we may also be able to provide the dog with additional training to achieve the
training level of your preference.

You can also see a listing of some of our recently sold protection dogs.
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Guardian Plus
German Shepherd Protection Dog - $45,000

Ury is a handsome black sable German Shepherd. Ury has a great personality; he is friendly, social, and loves to play. Ury loves to please his handler and is in-tune with their every move. He is attentive and obedient as well as easy to handle. In protection he responds like a light with full intensity, and has great power speed in his performance.

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Guardian Plus
German Shepherd Protection Dog - $37,500

Cara is an amazing female sable German Shepherd. Cara was raised in a family with children and has great character. She is enthusiastic and loves to play. Cara is a great dog to be around every day and would make a great protector for anyone, especially a family with young kids. In protection, Cara has an intense bark, and is willing to back it up if needed with her protection skills.
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Guardian (Can be advanced to Guardian Plus)
German Shepherd Protection Dog
Call for pricing, serious inquiries only

Indy is a black sable German Shepherd male. Indy is a well rounded dog with a great temperament, and exceptional ability in protection. He is agile, quick, and precise both in protection and obedience. He is easy to handle and has been raised with children and other dogs. Call for more info.
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Protector (Can be advanced to Guardian)
German Shepherd Protection Dog
Call for pricing, serious inquiries only

Zara is a Sable Female German Shepherd who has had extensive protection and obedience work. She is social with new people, loves kids and other dogs, and travels well to new areas. In protection Zara has great ability and drive and is easy to handle. Call for more info.

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Belgian Malinois Protection Dog - $20,000

Hugo has a large blocky head and a solid body. He is very affectionate, loves his belly rubbed and enjoys meeting new people. Hugo loves to work and play, yet is very calm in every-day life. Hugo will also be capable of our Guardian and Guardian Plus Program.
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German Shepherd Protection Dog
Call for pricing, serious inquiries only

Whether you are looking for a younger dog to get the most of your investment or looking to bond with a younger dog, Diablo is the perfect choice. Diablo has finished up his foundation in bitework and obedience with us and is ready for the next phase. We were delighted to meet and work with Diablo and his litter mates when he was just 6 weeks old and we have closely followed his upbringing until he arrived here with us for further training. Diablo’s father, Nikito, and mother, Feli, are both former graduates of our protection training programs. We expect Diablo to be a large, stunning, black German Shepherd just like dad! Diablo has the right make up to complete our advanced personal protection programs as he matures and we have several options available for his training.
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