Protection Dogs Plus Still Serving Clients in Nigeria

For the safety of its workers abroad, the United States has closed a number of embassies and consulates in Africa and the Middle East and placed these areas on a state of high alert. Nigeria is not included in this global alert, and we are continuing to offer the best possible personal protection dogs to families and executives living there.

We will handle the entire process, from walking you through selection to booking flights to Lagos, Nigeria and delivering your protection dogs with a complete handler and integration training. For more information on how this process works, click the link below.


We will soon be delivering two German Shepherd protection dogs to the area of Lagos, Nigeria: Rex and Falco. These are dogs trained at our Guardian Plus level, which means that these dogs are given our most complete off-leash protection training, including stealth mode, handling multiple attackers, and guarding a specific area. (Click here for a glossary of these terms and more).

In addition to working independently, it was important to our client that the dogs be trained to work cooperatively in a protection scenario. This gives his family the flexibility of using a dog for home protection and taking the other out for errands.

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This video thumbnail shows Rex and Falco, two protection dogs we're delivering to Nigeria
See two personal protection dogs trained to work together, including Rex and Falco.

Falco is a German Shepherd personal protection dog we're delivering to Nigeria
Falco is one of the German Shepherd protection dogs we will be delivering to Nigeria: