Consider this when choosing a dog for family security:

The best guard dogs don't make the best family protection dogs.

Our speciality is training German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, two of the best breeds of dogs for protection.
Our relationships with top breeders in Europe allow us to select the best German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois for personal protection training. Our years of experience allow us to train them to their full potential.

Want to find the best protection dog for your family?
Khaled Behisy, owner and head trainer at Protection Dogs Plus, explains why he is so selective about the dogs he works with:
“Guard dogs are generally left out in someone’s back yard or commercial facility- they’re NOT trained to be family-friendly companions. 
The protection dogs trained by Protection Dogs Plus provide the best of both worlds: secure personal protection from a loving pet.
From our family to yours, we’re devoted to training the most reliable protection dogs while creating your perfect family companion.”

Before establishing Protection Dogs Plus, Khaled spent 12 years training protection dogs for clients all over the world, including professionals, athletes, politicians, corporate executives, FBI, SWAT, and most of all, families. 
Khaled has had the privilege of working with some of the top trainers in the world, and as a result, he’s highly respected for developing the most advanced protection dog training program available anywhere.
We don't sell typical protection dogs. Discover the PLUS for your family.

If a dog has lived its whole life in a kennel, how could it be prepared for the routine of a home? Sure, you can find companies all over the internet promising to sell you a dog that will protect you, but we take
realistic protection dog training to the next level. And throughout the whole process, we put an equal amount of focus on the dog's everyday behavior and obedience. This includes immersive training in our own homes.

You'll get more enjoyment out of your protection dog than you have with pets in the past. All of our dogs have lived in a home, been super socialized, and come with the highest quality protection training, guaranteed.
Why is this important to you?

Your dog is house-trained: no going to the bathroom in your house as dogs not accustomed to living in a house may do. Your dog is well behaved: no jumping, chewing, getting on furniture or rushing out the door. Dogs who have lived their life in a kennel will treat your home like a kennel. With dogs raised by Protection Dogs Plus, you can expect an easy transition for your family: avoid the problem of trying to raise your own dog or “acclimate” a kennel dog. 
Top protection dog breeds, selected by our head trainer.

Our head trainer coordinates with some of the top breeders in Europe to find the right German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois (two of the top protection dog breeds). We have traveled through Europe to build relationships and find the qualities that our protection training calls for.
Selected only after passing the "bark exam."

Before selecting a dog, we evaluate them with a series of tests. First, the dogs are tested for their temperament. Do they have a sound temperament? Do they have aggression issues? The dogs are touched on their tails, bellies and paws to make sure they’re not reactive. They’re taken to different environments to see how they react to their surroundings, other people, children, other dogs, and surfaces. 
Next, the dogs are tested for their workability. While many of the dogs we purchase have little training for real-life protection, the trainer is looking for each dog’s capabilities in this area:

  • Does this dog have what it takes to be trained for real-life protection? 
  • Is this the dog that is going to protect and go the distance? 
One thing we don’t do is buy titled dogs for show or sport and then turn around and sell them for far more than we paid. Sport dogs are not necessarily functional protection dogs. Sport dogs, even with extensive training, are only doing their best at what they’re taught, which is how to play a game. While many sport dogs do go through temperament testing and have great skills, some do not have the proper nerves or abilities needed for our program. 
We also evaluate the health of each dog. Does the dog look healthy? Does the dog have any injuries, missing teeth, or other problems? Does the dog have hip and elbow x-rays? 
We do all this to make sure our dogs are the HIGHEST quality. Because we go through this process to buy our dogs, we do not have dozens of dogs for sale at one time. Our priority is quality, not quantity. We won't put our name behind a dog that we don't feel is 100% capable of being a functional protection dog.
With us, you know our dogs are functional for everyday life while offering the best in protection. 

During our foundational training phase, we use aides such as sleeves or bite suits. But very quickly, our dogs go through numerous real-life exercises without equipment to ensure that they’ll protect you in any situation, such as an attempted burglary.
Our Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our Protector, Guardian, and Guardian Plus Level dogs, plus a written health guarantee. All of our dogs include:
  • Up to date vaccines
  • Hip and elbow x-rays
  • Any paperwork the dog may have, and
  • Our written policies, health warranties, and satisfaction guarantee.
If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the dog within our warranty period or you decide that you would prefer a different dog you may exchange your dog for one of our other dogs of equal or lesser value regardless of gender or breed. If you decide you would prefer a dog trained in a higher program, you pay only for the difference in training. You will only be responsible for any shipping and additional delivery costs.
Prices for our dogs include: 
  • The best protection dog for your family, fully trained at the level indicated,
  • Owner handling assistance and introduction during our home or at site delivery, and
  • All written warranties
Delivery or pick up costs, such as shipping the dog and transportation/hotel costs for our delivery trainers, as well as international delivery travel time if needed is additional.
Our Matching Process

When choosing a dog for family protection, we’ll make sure you're thrilled with your dog's training
and that you're in love with the dog you take home. That's why we want to find out about your lifestyle, wishes and expectations because just as people have different personalities and traits, so do dogs.
Protection Dogs Plus questionnaire includes a series of questions for matching your family to your ideal dog. This also helps us customize the training specifically for your family’s needs.
Our dogs are available to clients across the world, including the U.S, Mexico, Canada, Spain, England, Italy and other countries.
Let us know what you’re looking for in the best protection dog for your family.
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Protection Dogs Plus provides family trained dogs for protection, including trained German Shepherds for sale. The "Plus" means all of our dogs are trained in homes, ready to become your loving, well-mannered companion and protector. We’re the only company offering this plus for your family’s comfort.