Meet the best home protection dogs for your family:

Faithful companions, devoted to protecting you.

See our family safe protection dogs in action.

Rex and Falco, two German Shepherd Dogs, work as a team during advanced training for home protection.

Next Level Protection
We push our training to new levels every day. See the difference between advanced personal protection dogs and guard dogs.

One of our trainers is tackled by Falco, one of our German Shepherd protection dogs for sale.

Switch On, Switch Off
We prepare dogs for home protection by training them to turn "on" and "off" with lightning speed—and only on command.

Loving, obedient protection-trained dogs for sale now.

Unmatched Obedience
See how well they listen. Our training is intensive because attentive, obedient dogs make the best protection dogs.

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Protection Dog Spotlight: Frenzy >

Frenzy is a large bi-color with qualities usually only found in the strongest male dogs. In obedience, Frenzy is quick and eager to follow commands. Frenzy loves to go on walks, play fetch, and meet new people. In protection she is intense and turns on quickly; just her expression and bark alone is more than enough to scare anyone off; however, she also backs it up with her ability to fight and crushing hard bite. Frenzy is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of female.

Frenzy is one of our Guardian Plus level protection dogs, which means that she is fully trained in our most advanced off-leash protection and obedience. See what some of her capabilities are with our
training level comparison.

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European Import Protection Dogs
We evaluate and import German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois dogs from European countries with exacting breeding standards—all this to find the best protection dogs and family companions possible.

See our Belgian Malinois + German Shepherd protection dogs for sale >
Real Family Protection Training
We don’t sell kennel dogs, mean dogs, or "guard dogs." We specialize in training protection dogs you can trust in your home. Our dogs stay with adults, children and other pets during their training, so you can be sure they're ready to become your family's well-behaved companion and protector.
Learn about our system for training family protection dogs >
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Through importation, extensive training and delivery, we do everything humanly possible to give you the healthiest, most reliable personal protection dog available.
We stand by our dogs. If you are unsatisfied within 6 months from the date of delivery, we'll take the dog back and get you a better match.
Learn more about our promise >
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Protection Dogs Plus provides family trained dogs for protection, including trained German Shepherds for sale. The "Plus" means all of our dogs are trained in homes, ready to become your loving, well-mannered companion and protector. We’re the only company offering this plus for your family’s comfort.

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